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Did you know DailyServer has the best rankings compare to all other SEO firms?
We have done it for ourselves, We have been doing it for our clients, and we will do it for you too.

You need Top Search Engine Rankings to be found

At Daily Server, the Search Engine Optimization campaigns we have initiated have brought hundreds of websites within a plethora of industries to the top of search engine results. Our methods are highly effective and are proven by our own Search Engine Rankings-we took our ideas and strategies and implemented them with our own website, DailyServer.com.

We understand and believe in the fundamental framework and rules of each individual search engine. Thus, our search engine-friendly campaigns are exceptionally successful and exceed the results of other SEO firms in terms of search engine ranking. Let us help your business as we have done for ourselves!

Search Engine Optimization

Our expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven successful in search engine ranking for multiple large and small businesses. Our SEO process involves a primary consultation, research on keywords, website content and design updating, building external links, and reporting on our results. Daily Server is devoted to maintaining our high standards for search engine ranking. We are passionate about helping businesses achieve primary search engine placement and dramatically increase their website traffic and bottom line revenue. Our campaigns have lead many companies to the top of search engine rankings. See testimonials from our ecstatic clients and become one yourself!

SEO Packages

- Local/Small Business SEO Solution
Solution starts at $400/Monthly.

- Medium/Large Business SEO Solution
Solutions starts at $1000/Monthly.

- Enterprise Business SEO Solution
Solutions starts at $3000/Monthly.

- Local Business Listings $148.99
Advertise your local business with our professional local business listing service.

Top SEO Standards

Since we are confident in our Search Engine Optimization and advertising power, our services come with a  Performance Guarantee. SEO Service Details

-We provide proven online advertising campaigns and new innovation for your online marketing needs.

-We offer top standards for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services that major search engines demand.

Pay Per Click Management

Sponsored listings can place your website at the top of Google, Yahoo and more within a matter of minutes. Our full service setup and pay per click management program  starts at $1000 per month plus your click-through fees. You will be provided with broad key phrase research, daily maintenance of your bids, detailed monthly report. Learn more about our pay per click marketing services.

Link Development

Internal optimization can improve your search engine rankings, but it is not enough in today’s search engine ranking competition.  If your competitors have a greater volume of back links and a proper use of anchor text, they will out rank you.  It's not just the quantity of incoming links, but the quality and the relevance of the web sites that are giving them, as well as what words are used within the hyperlinks. We offer a variety of reasonably one-way link building services that will improve your search engine ranking.

SEO Web Development

We understand Pretty pictures, nice graphics, Flash animation – these are all aesthetically pleasing elements of a website, but the “behind the scenes” information is what’s important when it comes to Search Engine positioning. We can create a site (or upgrade an existing site) for you that will be both visually exciting and that will speak the search engine language. Because what good is a good-looking site if no one ever finds it? Our web designers have many years of experience creating content-rich websites that rank on top of all major search engines.

Case Studies:

SkinAct.com Case Study
Since 2005, SkinAct.com has been serving skin care and beauty lovers by its web shopping system and has supported and assisted hundreds of skincare enthusiasts by its products.

At the time this company initiated negotiations with DailyServer.com for the first time, they were very discouraged with their rankings. Their ultimate goal was to knock out their competitors through increased rankings, which would translate into increased online sale through their online shopping system. Continue

CLICK HERE to see all the Case Studies

Search Engine Optimization process:

1) Consultation & Keywords Research Analyze

Once we set the wheels in motion, the first thing we do is search the current status of your company’s website to find the best ways to implement SEO changes. Every site is different for optimization and every DailyServer program is tailored specifically to your site and no one else’s. Part of this first step is also to research your industry to figure out the most useful and targeted key words, which you will then review and approve based on your specific goals.
2) Unique Content Creation

Second, our content writers create unique, useful, and creative content for your website, utilizing the list of highly targeted keywords with good density that has been decided upon. Again, you will take part in this step of the process by letting us know which content you like best and want to include in your site.
3) Web Development or Redevelopment

Next, our programmers will take all of the gathered data and content and integrate both into the actual website. DailyServer will change your entire website (on the backside only and without affecting any other processes) so that it will optimally communicate your keywords to any search engine. This includes changing meta tags, alt tags, graphic text, internal link structure, and sub-pages to ensure that your site is search engine spider friendly and syncs up with the best search engine algorithms.
4) Internal & External Link Building

The most important part of achieving a high ranking among search engines is to create well-developed incoming links
Check your link popuilatity below and see how many WebPages are linked to you on the major search engines
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This crucial step establishes many direct connections between your site and other sites. These links increase your traffic by sending relevant links to your industry and website. DailyServer offers one-way links from major directories, reciprocal link exchange, and fee-based directory submissions. We always get the most effective and quality links to ensure a high search ranking.
5) Directory & Search Engine Submissions

After completing website optimization which are content creation, website redevelopment, and link development, we will submit your website to all the major search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, HotBot, AllTheWeb, AOL, iWon, Netscape, MSN, Lycos, Teoma, Ask, and DMOZ (Open Directory). Furthermore, we will submit your company’s website to some of the fee based directories, such as Yahoo Directory, and several other quality directories, which will add to your link popularity. Lastly, if your Website has indexing issues for search engines, we will create and submit site maps to both Google and Yahoo via their respective programs.
6) Monitoring & Reporting

As the final step, to ensure that our optimization service is correct and accurate, we at DailyServer will run a ranking report comparison between pre-SEO treatment and post-SEO treatment. This report will be sent to your company so that you may check its accuracy. A similar report will be run every 30 days and sent to you by mail so that you can see the continued improvement of your rankings. In addition to the monthly ranking reports, our technical staffs will check the website on daily, weekly, and monthly routines to ensure website integrity and verify that the website has not been dropped by any major search engines. Halloween costumes


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